25K training equals PIZZATIME


Saturdays will from now on be my long running training days. I have started to adding them more frequently.
In some weeks when I get more routine on the longdistance training I hope I can squeeze in 2 workouts/week with 25-30 km each and one 40-50 km workout. Approx 90 km /week.

The biggest challenge to get the above mentioned in to right pieces is to puzzling my career and privatelife in to a good symphony. My contract ends in september, after that I dont know where on the planet I will be working. So it is a bit stressfull to not be able to plan the training and any competitions.
At the end everything will be fine, so I am just trying to get my trainingworkouts and go with the flow …

The competition in USA is not far away. The months will say: POOOOOFF! And suddenly I will stand there in California…

So my focus is to get everything in routine and then start to polish it. The running-time is not relevant. Most important is that I manage and get my body used to work for many hours withouth stopping…

The pizzaman is coming now to serve my pizza so I better stop blogging now! Have a nice saturday everybody!

/ little miss bear

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Strömmingsloppet 2015


Today was the day when I was supposed to do my first triathlon. But for some reason my mind said no. Many sort of problems arrised by the way.
Some sort of panick took over me. Not because for my physical condition, but for the crowdness at one of the most biggest triathlon competitions in the capital! How silly does that sound?!
I love beeing a lonewolf and alone in the trails, so probaly this might not be the competion I am supposed to participate in. And I have a few years to mental prepare for the UTMB.

Instead it ended up in a very spontanous trip to my hometown I grew up in, Söderhamn! I just rented a car and went away.
I realley needed it! Kind of remeber where I grew up since I have moved around like a “gypsy” the past years.
I havent been in my “hometown” for several years.
And guess what! I did a personal best record! 34.51 – 5 km.

So nice to see the development finally starting to get to takr action.
For some months my development has standing still.
From the beginning it felt realley silly to wear my camelback for a 5K race. Then I looked at everybody else and realise – yep! That was the right descision to wear it. Since I needed to be clear in my head to drive back all the 223 KM again
It was so nice to smell the seabreeze and the strawberrys along the way..

If I had slept better (rather than the 5 hours I slept prior to this race) I would probaly got a better time. But I am still thrilled over my spontanous race!

Now I have two races coming up. Next weekend is a local race…also a short one. And the weekend after that is a 32 km race.
I dont have any expectations on the 32 km race. Just to get through. :-)

A big bearpaw high five on my race today ..//Miss Bear

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Why I love running


I am currently in England for a job interview and suddenly I remembered why I started to run.

The picture is me in Brandon Country Park.
Past month have been a stressfull up and down month. Suddenly I though I started to loose the grip about running, but that was not the case.

I stayed in England a few days extra and the plan was to participate in any smaller running contest while waiting for the day where my job interview were about to take place. But I skipped that and focused on preparing for the interview.

I have started to be very good at not to stress so much about life. Thank you running for that.

Instead I just took my running shoes, left the hotel and went for a run for 20 km in the town I was in….

Suddenly I remebered why I started to run.
Because you can do it everywhere, anytime and all days. No pressures. And there is no sport in the world that get people together as much as running.
The poor one, the rich ones, the overweight that try to escape a bypass as their last oppurunity in life, the elithe runners, the rookies….
Everybody fit in at the running contest.

I did love playing american football, but I started to compete against against others and not to my self. And it was over within no time. With my first ultrarunning coming up in December..that wilö be a never ending story that will last for at least 8 hours. Suits me perfect. No ADHD medicine, and my once enemy is suddenly my best friend.

That is I love runnig.

Peace // Miss Bear

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Time to hit the next goal.


How I feel when I run…

So this polarbear has just landed back in Sweden again. It did not take very long until the next adventure. I landed in Stockholm by 09.00 AM this morning and by 17.00 I switched domestic flight to head south again to Malmö.


Malmö is more nicer than the newspapers making it feels like. I got surprised.

It feels SO nice to be back where it is 20 Celcius. I feel relieved. The balkantrip was not a totale waste of money. I got a valuable lesson in how to tackle the heath which I havent had so much to do in life. I am the type of person who prefer more the colder vacationtrips like Svalbard or Faroe Islands.
I havent runned for a few days now. I needed that vacation away from running since I got a little mental blow down after the race..I have putted so much energy, months and training in to that race so it was mentally tought to get taken out by a shit thing called heat. But now I feel readey again to start running.

August will be a very “globetrotter” month since I have jobinterviews everywhere in Europe.
In two weeks I am going abroad again. It is stressfull to not know what to do after 20th September. I can not plan my training or any races because I dont know how it will looks financial. Hopefully that all the money that I have spent on flying around Sweden for interviews will pay off so I can squeeze in a marathon or two before headig to the states.

The only planned race I have is my US trip in December at the North Face Endurance Challenge Series. It is 50K. If I manage to fix that I will get 1 qualifying point for OCC competion in France next year.

With a summerbalkan-trip in my referencebox I got some things to sketch on! US are you readey?

//over and out – miss bear ♡♡♡

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Saraplaninsky Skyrace 2015



Okay this was the worst race EVER for me as an individual runner, but as organisation it was the best! I guess you need to failure before you can succsess. But the latest races has been shitty for me. The most amazing thing is even if I have a temporary lack of confidence when I loose every race, I still want to continue and start to plan for the next race and how I can improve.

I made it to the to first peak and then the timelimit has been alreadey. I have heard that I was no 66 out of 99. Not sure if that is true.. My body felt okay but it was the heat that was about to kill me. I have never felt this nearley dead experience before and I was terrified that I would pass out before I called for help.
There was a part were I crawled up and was about to call SOS international.

9,3 km straight up to the first control point.

I feel realley dissapointed on my self that I could not go further. I cried so much. The good experience is I know how my body react to the heat now so that I have something to practise on before my US trip in december.

On my way up to the top I though a mantra in my mind that helped me a bit. “I am the youngest, slowest but most ambition one”….I though that several times in my head.

But of course if you travel this far it is impossible to not be dissaponted. Now I am just trying to think positive thoughs on what I can improve to my next race.

Here is some pictures from my trip.





Apparently this is a toilet. It is very common in this area. :-/ It was a bit tricky to adapt this cultural thing. I ran in to the forest, but in the end I managed to pee in it. Haha.



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7 days left


The newspapers is warning for monsun-rain. I dont have time for that. #soakingwet #stillhappy

With 7 days left until competion in Kosovo the butterflies in my stomach kills me.

I go down in sort of “focusing mode” where I try to kill all my retarded brain ghosts that is my biggest challenge against me, myself and I. The 7 days prior competition I am in sort of a big bubble. (Apologies to all my collegues:-))

One of the baddest ghost of them all is the feeling of beeing a big elephant when I look on the other runners at competition. I have named that ghost for Olaf.
I dont have the natural runner body, my body is very stabile, strong and is more build for powerlifting (which also involve extra fluff that is hard to get rid of).
But running in trail is so fun so I forget it when I get out in the forest.
Except for when I get exhausted and need to walk.. so the workout instead turning in to a runwalk (haha). That is when Olaf is comming back.
The only way to conquer and win over that bad feeling is just to participate in more competitions.

It has now been 7 months since I took my first runningstep. I couldnt even run 500 meters without getting exhausted.
It started like a fix idea by new years eve 2014/2015. It has now become a passion.
Now I have done my first halfmarathon. I came last, but I did it. Before new year 2015/2016 I will have done my first ultra. In one or two months I will go in to focus-mode-bubble to my US trip. That bubble will last a little bit longer (4 months to be exactly)
My life will be work, run and sleep.. Even if it is going to be my first ultra I am NOT gonna end up in last place.

I run because its meditation.
I run because it makes me free.
I run because its make me happy.
I run because it is the only way me and my ADHD can be friends.
I run because its a way of life.

So Balkan are you readey for me? :-D

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My first trail-halfmarathon in 29 C.


Yep. This fat turtle just finnished her first trail halfmarathon in 29 Celcius degree. 3.27 isch…Ill see the exact result soon. It was in Kolmården.
The heat was horrible ….it wasnt pretty, it wasnt fast…BUT I DID IT!

After 8 km I tripped and got wounded. So for about 5 km I needed to crawlwalk…then i stopped feeling everything down my hips.. So I could run again. The hardest part is not to stop. If you stop you cant get out again.

The interesting part will be driving home with my knee.

It feels nice to be in good hands with collegues. ;-)




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